KIVA's Members and Guests

KIVA has had many members over the years, but the music and the vision have remained the same. Here are the people who currently make up KIVA.

KIVA Picture
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Ariana Lightningstorm
Diana Sunday
David Landis
Diana McFadden
Tim Sauerwein
Tigre Cruz
-- band leader, lead vocals, percussion, songwriter, manager
-- vocals, guitar, percussion, drums
-- Native American flutes, whistles, drums, vocals
-- cello, mandolin, guitar
-- didgeridoo, percussion, vocals
-- drums, percussion, vocals
Satellite Members
Jim Brewster
Amikaeyla Gaston
Eve Jones
Jaqui MacMillan
-- guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, drums, flute, whistles, vocals (not pictured)
-- vocals, drums, percussion, songwriter (not pictured)
-- drums, percussion, silver flute (not pictured)
-- drums (not pictured)

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Revision Date: April 17, 2023