David Landis

David plays Native American flutes, pennywhistles, and percussion for KIVA. He has been playing hand drums for many years. He started playing Native American flutes in 1993 (self-taught) and joined KIVA in 1995. David has been musically inspired by such diverse artists as R. Carlos Nakai (master Native American flute player who often works with Peter Kater) and the Grateful Dead. David has appeared with such performers as the celtic-psychedelic band Green Crown, the folk band Folk Nouveau, and Owain Phyfe of the New World Renaissance Band.
        David has recently joined the ranks of "songwriters" by writing his first song ever, "Once More" (click on the name to hear the song in MP3). You can find the new song on the KIVA CD "Out of the Corner of the Eye".
        David's Native American flutes are made by Dusty Moore of Tsunami Flutes in Annapolis, MD. They sound great, look beautiful, and are affordable as well. Click here to see a picture of some of David's flutes.

David has worked on "Live at the Forest Inn", "Fairy Gifts: Celtic Folk Tales", "Songs of Mysts and Moon" (Amergyn & KIVA), "KIVA's Excellent English Excursion", "A Call to Beauty", "Armageddon Calling", "Out of the Corner of the Eye", "Oshun Gaia" (with Amikaeyla Gaston), "Reflections" (a musical meditation from KIVA), "KIVA So Far", and "Yuletide".

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Revision Date: December 13, 2016