Tigre Cruz

Tigre is a rhythmancer (a drum mage), a drum instructor and a drum circle facilitator. In his more than 40 years of drumming, studying, training, and/or instructing classical and modern percussion, he has acquired a wealth of experience in band, orchestra, marching band and competitive drum corps. He is immersed in traditional West African Djembe drumming and technique. He studies drumming and drum circle facilitation with Jaqui MacMillan. He has performed with and learned from Daveed Korup, Aesa Grayson, and Jim Donovan of Rusted Root. Tigre facilitates groups to shape intentions and drum circles for a variety of reasons: ritual, meditation, inspiration, trance, healing and enjoyment. Tigre has co-created formal and informal ceremonies, and taught classes for various organizations such as The Mid-Atlantic Men's Gathering and the Sacred Space Conference. He joined Kiva in 2005 and resides in Gaithersburg, MD.

Tigre has worked on "Out of the Corner of the Eye", "Oshun Gaia" (with Amikaeyla Gaston), "Reflections" (a musical meditation from KIVA), "KIVA So Far", and "Yuletide".

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Revision Date: December 13, 2016