Diana Sunday

After earning her music degree and working as a classical musician, Diana fell in love with folk rock, trading in the concert stage for dark, smoky bars. She was a folksinger in the `60s, a rocker in the `70s, then turned to computer publishing in the `80s so she could buy a farm. Coming out of "retirement" to join KIVA in 1994 has been "...one of the most gratifying experiences in this ol' gal's life. Even if my music affects only a few people each performance, I'll feel like I've done some good toward teaching them to appreciate, love, and respect Nature." Diana is singer, guitarist, percussionist, and songwriter for KIVA. Diana has appeared with such performers as the celtic-psychedelic band Green Crown, the folk band Folk Nouveau, and Owain Phyfe of the New World Renaissance Band.

Diana has worked on "Mother Wisdom", "Finding the Balance Within", "Live at the Forest Inn", "Fairy Gifts: Celtic Folk Tales", "Songs of Mysts and Moon" (Amergyn & KIVA), "KIVA's Excellent English Excursion", "A Call to Beauty", "Armageddon Calling", "Out of the Corner of the Eye", "Oshun Gaia" (with Amikaeyla Gaston), "Reflections" (a musical meditation from KIVA), "KIVA So Far", and "Yuletide".

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Revision Date: December 16, 2014