Out of the Corner of the Eye
KIVA (2006)

This new CD's central theme revolves around the land and the spirits that inhabit it, those who can be seen out of the corner of your eye if you just accept and notice them. The CD contains some pieces we've played for years but have just gotten around to recording and some music that is brand new. There are our own original compositions and some of our favorites from other writers; all honor Nature's spirit and the spirits of those who dwell in harmony with the planetary being we inhabit.
      This is the first KIVA CD to feature our newest member, Tigre Cruz, on drums and vocals. He sings lead on our friend Jim Noland's song "Rise Up the Call", which also features Bansuri flute master John Wubbenhorst.

Out of the Corner of the Eye by KIVA
Review from Faerie Magazine, Summer 2006 edition

Kiva's newest offering "Out of the Corner of the Eye," their ninth recording since their inception in 1990, is a collection featuring thirteen songs with themes on the fey folk and the wildness of the earth in which they dwell. KIVA's players include eight core musicians and some talented guests who fill each song with an honest soulful quality. These modern day bards expertly weave mandolin, guitar, bass, cello, flutes, didjeridu, percussion, violin and voices into a celebration of the natural world. The songs have a timeless feeling and it is easy to get swept along on the wave of instruments into whatever tale is being told.

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KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Amikaeyla Gaston, Diana McFadden
Guests: Ken Anoff, Eve Jones, Jaqui MacMillan, Jim Noland, Izolda Trakhtenberg, and John Wubbenhorst

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Includes: Out of the Corner of the Eye
Faerie Glen
Green Man (by Deirdre Stuart)
The Changeling (by Darragh)
Morning Sun (by Ken Anoff)
Rise Up the Call (by Jim Noland)
Autumn's Twilight
  In Praise of Winter
Once More
Water, Fire, and Smoke (by Betsy Rose)
Battle of Evermore (by Led Zeppelin)
Green Tara (21 Praises) (Trad. Bhajan Chant)
The Coming & Going of Fey

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