KIVA (2007)

KIVA was invited to the The 11th Annual Healing Touch International Conference in Hiltion Head, SC in September 2007. We put together this collection of old and new music as a "meditation" CD, to use for relaxation, massage, or any kind of healing. It is just under 1 hour long, perfect for a healing session. This is a "limited release" CD in this current form. We plan to remove some music and add other music for the final release of "Reflections" sometime in 2008.
      This compilation of past, present, and future KIVA music is offered here as a tribute to healers everywhere; not only those who practice various healing modalities professionally, but also to those of us who seek to ease life's journey for all beings of Planet Earth. Over the years, "healing" has always been a major focus in KIVA's endeavors. We hope that the sounds captured herein will help ease your travels.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Amikaeyla Gaston, Diana McFadden
Guests: Jim Jacobson, Nicole Cooley, Sue Richards, Brooke Parkhurst, DeLuna, John McLaughlin, Eve Jones, The Chorus of Powerful Women

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Includes: La Umba (Oshun Gaia, 2006)
Daybreak (new for Reflections, 2007)
Raven's Wings (A Call to Beauty, 2002,2007)
Fairy Gifts (Fairy Gifts, 1998,2007)
Siren's Song (Finding the Balance Within, 1994)
Green Tara Chant (Mother Wisdom, 1994)
Jammin' With Pan (new for Reflections, 2007)
  Once More (Corner of the Eye, 2006)
Samanthra (Ammy movie soundtrack, 2000)
Jnana Mai (Oshun Gaia, 2006)
Moon Path (A Call to Beauty, 2002)
21 Praises of Tara (Corner of the Eye, 2006)
Ariana's Blessing (Live at the Forest Inn, 1997)

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